Positive Technical Debt part 1: A Director’s Loan

Essentially this illustrates one of the key points of technical debt – it never actually has to be paid back. Like a director’s loan it can happily sit there on the books with no expectation of repayment.

Image: Tobias Wolter

Image: Tobias Wolter

From a technical point of view this means that compromises are made to get a system up and running quickly or cheaply and those compromises just stay there.

This can only really be the case on smaller, single purpose systems that do not really get changed much. An example of this would be someone creating a quick timesheet management program to replace a complex manual process. Once created the system would be “good enough” and solve the majority of the problems that it needed to solve.

Make sure you check back soon or subscribe for part 2, and in the meantime you could always go back and read my introduction to Technical Debt, and why it’s not always bad.


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