The Joy of Performance Improvements

I think that most developers get in to development for one of two reasons – they like solving problems, or they like building things. For me when I got into it is was the latter. I loved the fact that I would build things that people would then use (admittedly, I have often also built things that people didn’t use).

However as my career has progressed I have realised that by far a more enjoyable and satisfying element of development is working on performance improvements.

Since I moved into management I don’t get to work on development as much as I would like (which would be all the time), but recently I have built a system from scratch to delivery while also working on some performance improvements to an area of a site that had been declared “not fit for purpose”.

Comparing the two experiences, there was just no comparison. I’m talking about the experience of taking a failing system, investigating, manipulating, testing, making amendments, re-testing, assessing the impact of tiny changes, assessing the likely impact of large changes, finding out why elements that perform independently do not perform in combination, re-testing again, making another small improvement, re-testing, re-investigating and repeating it until performance is acceptable – then doing a few more rounds until performance is awesome. This was soooo much more enjoyable and rewarding than just building a system from scratch.

I’d recommend any developers to try to get involved in this side of development. That’s why I set up a performance management and improvement company!

By the way, if anyone is interested, the outcome of the performance improvements was taking a process that was taking 45 minutes to run down to running in 3 minutes. The target was 10 minutes.


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  1. Yes you are right! I experienced that too. Many opensource system that we can customize and improve than building from scratch. Why not using existing system and free? Thank you for sharing.

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