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6 Rules for Good Specifications in Software Development

In recent months we have overhauled the Intechnica development process to use a lot of the BDD – Behaviour Driven Development –  and “Specification by Example” (http://gojko.net/) processes and tools for specification definition. As such we have defined the 6 rules of good specifications:

1. Communication between client, BA, QA and developer:
The more all of these people talk, and the earlier they are involved in specification stage, the better.

2. Don’t define user experience and business functionality in one place.
It leads to repetition and confusion. It also tends to lead to underlying systems designed around the UI rather than the business domain.

3. Illustrate all business logic with examples
…not with wordy descriptions.

4. Illustrate all UI with annotated pictures
…or ideally full HTML prototypes.

5. Specifications must be testable to form objective acceptance tests.
Tests should be automated and built into your continuous integration process.

6. Specifications should be living documents
…and evolve into the living documentation of the system.

View some of Andy’s presentations about software development on Intechnica’s SlideShare


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